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Every child deserves the chance to grow up

Neuroblastoma remains the leading cause of death of children under five from cancer. 


The picture above is of my little baby girl Sienna after she was declared to be in remission from neuroblastoma at 16 months of age. We were told this fantastic news just before Christmas and we celebrated hoping our little girl would now be fine ad we would enjoy a long life together. Very sadly, one year later, just before Christmas once more, we received news again, but this time it was heart breaking. We were told that Sienna, who had relapsed, was now not going to survive. The feelings of devastation are hard to explain as well as the feeling of helplessness - not being able to save our precious little girl. Sienna tragically passed away when she was just two and a half years old.


Sienna, her joyous nature, her love and her tragic loss have made me passionate to get better treatments for neuroblastoma. Children deserve so much more, and better treatments are so urgently needed.


The only way to get better treatments is through research so I ask you to think about making a donation this Christmas to help us support research so better treatments are developed and ultimately all children get the chance to grow up.


We don't need a miracle; just more research into better treatments for this devastating childhood cancer. 


Thank you 




President, Neuroblastoma Australia 


Remember all donations over $2 are tax deductible. 





Neuroblastoma Australia has successfully raised over $1.7 million for research into neuroblastoma. 


Help us ensure all children get the chance to grow up and donate today.



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